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About Lloyd Kelly

Agent and Consultant at Kelly Consulting Agency

With more than 30 years of publishing experience in the consumer and educational markets, the Kelly Consulting Agency offers support to authors and publishers with book publishing, management, sales, marketing, and new business development opportunities that will cultivate exciting and successful new books.

My experience as a Vice President at HarperCollins, a Vice President at CollinsCanada, and as the Director of the Professional, Trade & Career Colleges division at Nelson Education will enrich any publishing effort, resulting in greater impact and successful outcomes.

Having developed and executed numerous publishing projects has provided me with many opportunities to play a significant role in the success of major Canadian publishers and bestselling authors. This includes creating a new publishing imprint, CollinsCanada and working with authors such as Mike Holmes of Holmes on Holmes, Les Stroud of Survivorman, and Margaret Powers, the world renowned author of the poem Footprints, provided me with many opportunities and experiences to successfully publish bestselling books.

The Kelly Consulting Agency represents authors with adult and children’s publishing projects including: current affairs, social responsibilities, justice, health, wealth, wisdom, environmental issues, humour, biography, pop culture, relationships, spirituality and select fiction that would be considered thematically important and universally relevant.

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