About Kelly Consulting Agency

With over 30 years of publishing experience, the Kelly Consulting Agency offers publishers and authors consulting expertise in the following capacities:

Our Services

Agent Relations

Helping authors find the most experienced publisher for your project is essential. I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your book gets the sales, marketing, and distribution attention to make it a great success.

New Business and Product Development

Customised title and product guidance with strategies that get your titles off to the best start.

Agreements, Contracts and Negotiations

As an experienced negotiator I will create sound agreements and contracts that are equitable and clear. Ensuring that your contract protects your best interests is essential.


My strategic and inspiring leadership skills have resulted in many years of double-digit year-over-year growth. My experience with leading and managing multi-million dollar sales teams includes field and in-house sales representatives as well as commissioned sales representatives based in Canada and around the world. 


Generating meaningful and profitable marketing partnerships that are mutually beneficial will give your books and programs greater exposure and sell-through.

Management and Reorganisation Strategies

My experience as a Vice President and executive team member at one of the largest multi-national publishers, in addition to owning and operating two successful businesses, will be an invaluable asset to any sized organization.

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