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The Kelly Consulting Agency represents authors with adult and children’s publishing projects including: current affairs, social responsibilities, justice, health, wealth, wisdom, environmental issues, humour, biography, pop culture, relationships, spirituality and select fiction that would be considered thematically important and universally relevant.

If you are looking for an agent and have a completed and previously unpublished fiction manuscript, or, a completed and previously unpublished nonfiction proposal that you would like to have considered, please email me an outline (1-2 page synopsis) along with your finished manuscript (in a word document).

For fiction, please supply a sheet with the main character outlines – one to two sentences describing each of the main characters.  For children’s picture books, just send your completed manuscript.

Please note: Due to the volume of submissions and the evaluation process, please allow at least 12 weeks for me to properly consider your submission.




Short bio: Please include a bit about yourself, any writing you have previously done, something about why you wrote this book.

Please list any social media handles/followers: 

What is your preferred social media platform?

What is the potential audience for your book?

List 3-4 titles that you might compare your manuscript to.

List any previously published titles and who the publisher is. (If it’s a long list, feel free to list the most successful ones and summarize the rest).

Do you have upcoming signed publications?

Which authors are you connected with? (Please list the most influential, and any who would be open to & relevant in promoting your book).

Are you connected with other influencers / persons of note who would be willing to promote your book?

Do you have any media connections? Please list contact name, email address, and publication/media outlet.

Where has any of your work been reviewed (i.e. Globe & Mail, Kirkus, Booklist, New York Times, etc.)?

Have you ever participated in a literary conference or festival? If so, which ones?

What sort of accolades has your work received (awards, lists, praise from authors)?

What’s the name of your local bookstore? 

Are you a member of any professional organizations (i.e. AuthorsGuild)?

Is there anything else I should know (i.e. non-book related professional or personal affiliations; non-profits you work with / donate to regularly; interesting hobbies or life events; etc.)?


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