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The Kelly Consulting Agency represents authors with adult and children’s publishing projects including: current affairs, social responsibilities, justice, health, wealth, wisdom, environmental issues, humour, biography, pop culture, relationships, spirituality and select fiction that would be considered thematically important and universally relevant.

If you are looking for an agent and you have a new and completed manuscript or completed proposal that you would like to have considered, please email me an outline (1-2 page synopsis) of your manuscript and a few sample chapters.

For fiction, please supply a sheet with the main character outlines – one to two sentences describing each of the main characters. 

Please make sure to include a bit about yourself, any writing you have previously done, something about why you wrote this book, the potential audience for your book and 3-4 titles that you might compare your manuscript to. 

I will respond and let you know if I would be the best agent to represent you.  

Please note: Due to the volume of submissions and the evaluation process, please allow approximately 12 weeks for me to properly consider your submission.

Contact Information


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