After countless hours of thought, inspiration, nurturing, and labour, you have finished writing your manuscript with the hopes and dreams of seeing your book being published and becoming a bestseller. So now you might be wondering, what’s next?

Getting your book into the hands of the most qualified publishers is obviously no easy task. Publishing is, first and foremost, a business. Ultimately, all you want to do is reach out to your potential audience and share your story with them. This is where the art of writing meets the business of publishing.

Are you sitting on a manuscript not knowing exactly what to do next? Have you had your partner, friends, and family read it? It’s a bold step to have the people closest to you read your manuscript. However, those who know you the best are aware of the effort you have put into your work and can most often be a good gage as to whether or not you are ready to successfully cross over from writer to published author. Once you have had some friendly critiquing and have made the adjustments that you feel you need to make, you are then ready to think about finding an agent that best suits you, your manuscript and your goals. It is essential that you get your book into the hands of an agent who knows the business inside and out.

An agent today is much more than someone who can just get you “a deal”, a contract with a major publisher. Working with an agent who has had inside experience working for a publisher is the first step in getting the scoop on the entire process. From negotiations, acquisition, and rights to editing, production, and design and most notably from sales, marketing, and distribution, your agent is someone who will be with you working as your coach from start to finish, ensuring that your book reaches the widest audience possible.

Doing all of this correctly is not just about selling more copies of your book. It is also about paving the way for future projects, creating potential business leads or landing speaking engagements, which will ultimately help grow your brand.