10 Little People

By Alene S. Sen

  • Proposed initial format: illustrated 8” X 8” board book
  • Potential paperback edition
  • Manuscript delivery date: Available Now
  • ~36 pages 179 words
  • Target ages – Infant to 4 year olds
  • Illustrator – TBC
  • All rights currently available

What can be more comforting to a parent and their baby than to cuddle up together with a simple attractive board book? Although written in English, the story can be read in the child’s first language, making the book a fun and resourceful tool for newcomer families.


From a very early age, babies begin to notice different lines and shapes even if they don’t yet recognise what they are. Providing newborns repetitive practice with lines and shapes helps them begin to understand two-dimensional structures. This knowledge gives babies an advantage in many areas of learning, including the introduction of primary colors.


This simple early-learning board book introduces some of the basic concepts of lines, shapes, and colors, and how they can be used to create pictures and images. An early understanding of these concepts can help babies and preschoolers better recognise letters and shapes and how they look. The first recognisable drawings created by toddlers and up to 3 years are exaggerated stick figures that evolve from oblong circles and squiggly lines. The book invites the growing child to participate by creating their own drawings to continue the story. Additionally, young children will begin to understand numeration in a calming, repetitive and pleasant verse they will crave to have read repeatedly.

Parents can provide the opportunity to create and explore simple lines, shapes, and colours to teach their children what they look like and how to create them. Learning about and recognising these early concepts are fun and stimulating, especially when done together.


The author works with newcomer families, and encourages parents to read English stories to their children in their 1st language to encourage their children to grow a love for literacy.  Although this book is written in English, and the wording not translatable word-for-word, the story can easily be adapted into Chinese and possibly other languages with the potential to be made into dual language editions.


Alene S. Sen is a writer who loves to tell stories. Her work has appeared in Today’s Parent, The Toronto Star, and City Parent. She has authored Programs Without Walls: Stories from Toronto Parents (Macaulay Child Development Centre, 2001), a compilation of multicultural parenting experiences from Toronto families. She is a regular contributor to the anthologies produced by the Mississauga Writers Group, a non-profit forum for writers.


10 Little People grew out of a dream about dancing stick figures, hopping and skipping to the tune of 10 Little Indians (children’s rhyme/folk song of the 1800’s). As Alene began to draw out the stick figures, she noticed how the lines and circles interacted to create shapes and letters. With the addition of primary colors, the story came to life in a fun and playful way.  Alene knew this was a story she wanted to create and share with children.


Alene holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, specializing in television, film, and radio broadcasting. When Alene is not writing, she advocates for literacy and creates library programs for her community through storytelling, drama, and the visual arts.


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