3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone: Get the Body You Want Now!  

Your 16-Week Workout & Nutrition Plan to a Post-Baby Body

by Ramona Braganza

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  • Proposed manuscript delivery date: Spring 2019
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Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson-Ross – You know that these A-list celebrities have recently had babies, but – bam – within four months after giving birth, they are back walking the red carpet. And not only have they lost their baby weight, they’re toned and fit and looking fabulous.

What is their secret and how did they get the body back the way they wanted?

Her name is Ramona Braganza

Global Fitness Expert, Celebrity Trainer, Published Author,

Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist.

Recognized as one of the top entertainment-industry fitness experts in the world, Ramona was Jessica Alba’s personal trainer for 12 years and also trained such celebrities as Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Scarlet Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Beckinsale, Eva Mendez, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Michael Weatherly, Bradley Cooper, and many more. She most recently sculpted the bodies of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson of the hit “50 Shades of Grey” series. Ramona has been singled out as a “go-to” trainer, whether a star has six weeks to prepare for their next role or six years to transform their bodies from head to toe. 

Ashlee Simpson-Ross has written the foreword to “3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone: Get the Body You Want Now! And, whose weight loss program will be chronicled through the book.


Tested and proven effective by celebrity mothers, the 16 week, 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone workout and nutrition plan, is guaranteed to help new moms lose 25-50 pounds of baby weight and give them the tools, tips, motivation and confidence to keep the weight off while promoting a healthy body inside and out.

Ramona Braganza’s 16-week, 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone Plan is the most realistic, safe and effective workout program a new mother can follow!

3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone: Your 16-Week Guide to a Celebrity Post-Baby Body is:

  • a validated program centered around an understanding of the “New Mom” reality, and time management, whether stay at home mom or career mom, this program takes into account mothers’ needs, availability, energy levels and the often hectic circumstances of their lives post-baby
  • the first book to bring together a celebrity fitness trainer and a celebrity chef who has personally cooked for entertainers, is a unique and winning formula
  • a combination of a 16 week exercise and eating program, an idea that other books don’t have
  • supported with A-List celebrity testimonies
  • a healthy way of life plan, not only for these 16 weeks, but long term. Ramona doesn’t believe in dieting but instead lives by rules such as eating three healthy meals, two healthy snacks and a minimum of one liter of water a day, 3-2-1 nutrition rules, along with daily exercise Ramona recommends all her clients follow to maintain healthy permanent weight loss- to the tune of two pounds a week.
  • do-able, with affordable in home workouts and minimum equipment Ramona’s three phase program begins with a manageable Phase 1 of 20 minutes daily to build address Core strength , then progresses safely to  Phase 2 and 40 minutes a day adding in Cardio for weight loss, and finally Phase 3 introduces strength training for shaping and toning.
  • a family affair book that supports moms emotional journey by including a motivational partner training workout with dad or with a BFF, exercises that can be done with your baby and a bonus chapter for new Dads, looking to get their daddy body fit again.


No exercise program can hope to succeed and deliver lasting results unless it’s accompanied by healthy nutrition. Ramona teamed up with celebrity chef Maureen Bryce a single mother to create a comprehensive, 16-week diet plan and a set of easy to prepare menus and recipes designed especially for busy new moms.


Chef Maureen offers up breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks that not only adhere to the tenets of Ramona’s nutrition principles, but includes celebrity tips and tricks such as —combining protein and fibre in every snack to remain satiated, eating brown instead of white and signature 3-2-1 Baby Bulge be Gone soups, shakes, and teas with the secret ingredient of Moringa, a plant long used in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean for centuries which increases metabolism while being safe enough to use during lactation. The program also includes an on-the-go guide, useful to follow after you complete the 16-week menu plan and are back out in the world and will offer food options for those who are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, among others.


Press and Social Media

“Baby Bulge Be Gone” has officially gone viral – when you Google it, 5,910,000 searches are returned!  Ramona and her 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone program have been featured widely in the media, in such publications as People, Fit Pregnancy, Parenting, Life and Style, Us Magazine and InStyle. Ramona has also developed videos of sample workouts (full and short) that currently run on Pop Sugar, a leading portal for the top trends in fitness, beauty, style and celebrity news. These have been shared on Facebook and YouTube, where they have attracted an extremely strong following. The long workout has been viewed 73,000 times on Facebook and the short workout has been viewed 303,000 times.


Ramona also has over 10,000 subscribers to her newsletter 10,000 followers on  instagram,4,000 followers on Twitter and 9,000 likes on her Facebook business page Ramona Braganza 321fitness, and 4,000 followers on her private Facebook page.


About Ramona Braganza

Ramona has spent more than over three decades in the fitness industry and has been active since discovering a love for her sport of gymnastics at age 4. Growing up in Eastern Ontario, she was a competitive gymnast, which led her to dance and then onto a career as a cheerleader for the Toronto Argonauts. Setting her sights on Hollywood at age 21 Ramona left for LA and became an NFL’s Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader which lasted a decade and included being named Raiderette of the Year in 1990. She subsequently relocated to Oakland as assistant choreographer with the team for the next three years.

With fitness always a part of her life she began competing as a professional fitness competitor, graced the cover of Muscle and Fitness appeared in commercials for Reebok and Champion sports and participated in fitness shows including Body by Jake.

VH1, MTV, Extra, and E featured Ramona regularly as an expert, and sponsors like Vitamin Water and Omron have come calling. Glamour asked her to be their “Body by Glamour” trainer and Redbook has had Ramona help their wedding dress challengers get back into their gowns. Ramona was the 2014 recipient of Vogue India’s Fitness Expert of the Year award, and is embarking on the next phase of sharing her vast knowledge as a motivational speaker.


Ramona is the author of Feel Fit, Look Fantastic in 321 (Collins India 2014) and is the creator and producer of two bestselling DVD’s 321 Baby Budge be Gone and 321 Training Method. World-wide sales for her 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone DVD are now close to 20,000 copies!


Born to East Indian parents from Mumbai, India, Ramona was raised in Canada and is also fluent in French and German. Her easygoing, charming personality has endeared her to scores of people around the world. She is approachable, realistic and encouraging of everyone and this sprit infuses her workouts and her book.


Ramona’s recent travels back to her roots in India have opened her eyes to the enormous benefits of Ayurvedic medicine particularly as it applies to new moms. Under the tutelage of world renowned practitioner Dr. Talavane Krishna owner of IVAC in Mysore, she has included a chapter in her book that highlights the importance of touch in developing babies through baby massage using purest form of Ghee and specific strokes created by Dr Krishna. A half an hour nightly baby massage for babies first 1000 days stimulates babies central nervous system producing more of feel good hormone serotonin and less of the killer stress hormone cortisol. Studies now show that the amount of touch received by all babies could affect them at a molecular level and these effects could last for years to come.


Finally Ramona passionately believes in giving back and has founded an international charity called 321 Empower whose mission is changing girls’ lives from survivors of human trafficking to certified fitness trainers. Proceeds from sales of her book will be donated to her registered charity furthering fitness worldwide.


3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone: Get the Body You Want Now! by Ramona Braganza is represented by the Kelly Consulting Agency. For more information, please contact Lloyd Kelly at lloyd@kellyconsultingagency.com

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