Seven Secrets of Influence:

Portable Power for the 21st Century

By Elaina Zuker, CEO & Founder of Elaina Zuker & Associates

  • Format: Trade Paperback Original 6” X 9”
  • Proposed manuscript delivery date: Summer 2020
  • ~60k words with illustrations/charts & photos
  • All rights currently available

Influence.  Everyone wants it.  But how do you get it? 

One of the most critical business skills required for success today, strong interpersonal and influencing skills are essential as we work in teams, often across disciplines, and “sell” our ideas and projects to upper management. 

It’s Not What You Know. We were told that to achieve success we simply put in our time and develop our professional and technical expertise.

It’s Not Who You Know. We then began to learn the importance of contacts, and how to build a network of helpful people.

So What Is It? Now we have entered a new era. Technical or professional expertise can quickly become obsolete. High-level contacts can vanish overnight with the next acquisition or merger. What we need is an inner resource or ability.  What we need is influence, ‘portable power’: a set of people skills that can serve whenever and wherever we are.

In Seven Secrets of Influence: Portable Power for the 21st Century, communication expert Elaina Zuker clearly outlines how anyone can have influence.  This highly practical guide shows how influence is a set of interpersonal skills that can be learned, practiced, and mastered so you become more skillful in your relationships.

The Seven Secrets of Influence will help you identify your individual styles of influence and how to:

  • Establish rapport using verbal and nonverbal techniques
  • Build refined listening skills
  • Understand other people’s decision making strategies
  • Enhance your ability to facilitate other people’s decisions
  • Package your communication to fit specific situations and people
  • Develop a more flexible behavioral repertoire
  • Produce effective solutions that will influence the decisions and behavior of others
  • Gain credibility and enlist support

Powerful and practical, this book is essential reading for any manager or communicator in today’s tough business climate.

Success in today’s business world is not dependent just on knowledge which can quickly become outdated or contacts who vanish overnight but an inner resource—the ability to influence. In this highly practical guide, communications expert Elaina Zuker outlines how this essential portable power can be learned, practiced, and mastered to serve whenever and wherever we are.

The Seven Secrets of Influence® is based on an elegantly simple, statistically validated model. It shows you how to persuade other people to readily accept your ideas, proposals, products, and services. Elaina Zuker‘s book first identifies the six basic influence styles. Then she shows you how to analyze your own influence style and the style of others; then use this new understanding to get more of what you want out of your life and career.

Seven Secrets of Influence has been a bestseller – 150,000 copies sold since it was first published in by McGraw Hill and has twice reached best seller status on Amazon.

It has been translated into four languages, and was the Business Week Book Club Main Selection. The author has now retained all rights back.

Elaina Zuker has been a keynote speaker and has addressed meetings and conferences in industry, government and professional associations. Her bestselling book, The Seven Secrets of Influence® (McGraw-Hill), now has over 150,000 in print, was the Main Selection for the Business Week Book Club and has been translated into four languages.

Elaina holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Management/Organizational  Development and was the recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award from New York Polytechnic University. She has served on the faculties of Montclair State College (Division of Business), Mercy College, Pace University, and Marymount College.

Also available – YOU X2 by CEO & Founder of Elaina Zuker & Associates – Influencing others is one of the most critical business and personal skills required for success today. 


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