By Adam Miron & Sebastien St-Louis & Julie Beun

  • Proposed format: jacketed hardcover 6” X 9” followed by a trade paperback
  • Manuscript – Ready Now
  • ~80k words with photos
  • All rights currently available

Cannabis was legalized in Canada just over a year ago (Oct 17, 2018). Since this monumental shift, there has not been a comprehensive literary work covering the subject. This is the inside scoop of the creation of one of Canada’s, and now the world’s, largest Cannabis companies, told by the founders.


Who: Throughout Canadian history, there are less than 100 Canadians who have started a company and lived to see it become worth $1 billion dollars or more ($2.9B as of April 2019). Adam Miron and Sebastien St-Louis, now 35 and 36, are two of them. Adam retired at the age of 35. Julie Beun, a seasoned writer and journalist turned the ultimate underdog story into a work of art.

Authors: Adam Miron & Sebastien St-Louis & Julie Beun


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