By  Mark Quattrocchi

  • Proposed format: jacketed hardcover 6” X 9” followed by a trade paperback
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  • Non-Fiction – Memoir, Motivation, Adventure
  • ~78k words
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THE CYCLE OF LIFE AND THE POWER OF SAYING HELLO is so much more than a journey about cycling around the world from China back to Canada – an extraordinary adventure that spanned two-years through forty countries and five continents and just over 35,000 kilometres. It’s a journey with purpose that helps others find their own. Not only did Mark personally experience 274 acts of kindness along the way, he fundraised over $50,000 to help build five schoolhouses in developing communities.

Mark gained his sense of adventure and learned about the significance of community and the importance of “just saying hello” growing up in a small countryside village. Mark is the recipient of the Paul Delaney Award for Outstanding Young Philanthropist, a TEDx speaker and a certified teacher, teaching internationally and locally in Canada. He now works full-time, sharing the power of sustainable impact to thousands of youths and adults each year, with the WE organization, a world-renowned charity and social enterprise. Working as a motivational speaker with the WE Speakers Bureau, provides Mark with numerous opportunities to speak about and promote his journey. In just the past year, he has spoken to over 75,000 people at 114 events about his inspiring journey and the power of sustainable change.

The propagated fear and disparity seen on the evening news is not what deserves attention. It’s not even the norm of human society, but we choose to promote it and believe. From the seat of his bike, Mark observed the true nature of humanity. And it was beautiful. Mark saw so much good throughout the world, but also the heart-wrenching bad. Feeling the hunger, thirst, pain and struggle of the road Mark witnessed the overwhelming depth of poverty and despair of people caught in terrible systems of neglect and abuse. Sometimes it felt hopeless and he wanted to quit more times than he could count. But even through all of these struggles, Mark saw the change that is possible in our world and the difference that hard work can achieve, seeing that the world is a kind place full of hope and opportunity.

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