Let’s REALLY Make America Great Again!

Let’s REALLY Make the World Great Again! (International edition)

By Lloyd D. Kelly

  • Proposed format: jacketed hardcover 10” X 10” followed by TPB
  • Proposed manuscript delivery date: Summer 2019
  • 30 to 36 pages ~30 to 50 words per double page spread
  • Target ages – preschool to Grade 2
  • Illustrator – TBC
  • All rights currently available

What do children really need to learn today in order to become successful citizens of the world that we all share? Each two page spread begins with “If I ran the world, I would…” which is followed with a child of different ethnicity, colour, or heritage, touching on one of the themes of the book. Respect – Responsibility – Sharing – Empathy – Kindness – Caring – Teamwork – Fairness – Honesty – Co-operation – Integrity – Perseverance. These themed pages would be followed by a two page spread that would feature all of the children coming together saying “Together we REALLY can make the world great again!”

Also included in this book is a two page spread of in-class or at-home activities that parents, teachers and care-givers can do with their children. With this book, we seek to attract interaction from schools, classrooms or individual children with ideas about what they can do, or things they have already done to REALLY make the world great again!

It’s a fact that children learn best when they feel empowered and confident in their ability to succeed. It’s also important that resources be clear, practical, and easy-to-use. As a parent, Lloyd knows that resources also had to be stimulating, rewarding and inspire a genuine love of learning through improved self-confidence and understanding.

Lloyd D. Kelly has over three decades of publishing experience and a greatly inspired desire to make the world a better place. Let’s Really Make AMERICA and the WORLD  Great Again is Lloyd’s first book.

Let’s REALLY Make the World Great Again! (International edition) and Let’s REALLY Make America Great Again! (US edition) by Lloyd D. Kelly are represented by the Kelly Consulting Agency. For more information, please contact Lloyd Kelly at lloyd@kellyconsultingagency.com or in the message box below.

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