Mitch and Me

by Bonnie Marner

  • Proposed format: jacketed hardcover 10” X 10” followed by TPB
  • Proposed manuscript delivery date: Early 2019
  • 30 to 36 pages ~20 to 30 words per double page spread
  • Target ages – preschool to Grade 2
  • Illustrator – TBC
  • All rights currently available

From coast-to-coast, countless millions of “hockey moms”, have screamed, cheered and even wept while watching their sons fulfill their dreams to play in the big leagues.

The cost of the sport itself is definitely a huge obstacle. But then there’s also the frigid arenas, the early 5am wake up calls for morning practices and games and then what does a parent do with that bag of smelly equipment?

All that aside, maybe the greatest challenge for Mitch was overcoming adversity with focus and determination. After every game, Mitch would count down the days, hours and minutes until the next game, sometimes hardly sleeping a wink the night before a big game.

As a hockey mom and Mitch’s #1 fan, Bonnie illustrates the limits of unconditional love at its finest. And despite the hardships, “if this is what Mitch wants to do most, then for sure, I will do this, or, sometimes ask my husband to”.

As previously written by Jude MacDonald:

I know it sounds crazy but at 7-8 months old Mitchell would sit in front of a hockey game and watch every second. Even as a baby it was pretty incredible, and then when he could hold a mini stick he’d be in the kitchen with his mother while she was cooking supper and Mitch would take shots as long as somebody would play with him. All day if you’d let him.


Once he could get out of his crib he’d wake us in the night by tapping us with his hockey stick which he’d grabbed, saying “Hock, hock.” I put him on the ice for the first time when he was 2 ½ years old. I took him to public skating and we went out and he did okay. He stood up and then fell a couples times. So after about 20 minutes when he got comfortable I backed away from him a few steps, sure enough he walked his way over to me on his skates. The very next day we went to the pond and gave him a little stick and there he was, skating and pushing the puck right away. When I think of it now, it really was something else. I knew he was special very early on.”


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