My Sticky Book Series – Jam on My Jammies – Bubblegum in My Belly – Honey on My Bunny

By Jennifer Cooper

  • Proposed format: Boardbook or hardcover
  • Manuscripts: Ready now
  • ~215 words each
  • Target ages – preschool to Grade 2
  • Illustrator – TBC
  • All rights currently available


Once kids pick one of them up… they won’t be able to put them down!

The Sticky Book Series can read aloud to the very young, making them a great choice for one-on-one readings and group storytelling. Or, they can also be enjoyed by young toddlers who are just learning to read.

The youngest children will have no problem relating to My Sticky Book Series as they would have experienced sticky situations of their own many times. Parents will appreciate the humor of these sticky situations all wrapped up in a gentle reassuring message.

 The poetic rhyme of these books makes it easy for kids to learn and remember. New readers can move their fingers along under the words that they know as they try to learn the new words. 

Issues with anxiety can often begin to appear at a very early age. The Sticky Book Series deals with uncomfortable situations where anxiety can easily arise and overwhelm a child. The series helps children see that when life presents a sticky situation that it’s not the end of the world if you get jam on your jammies. And with a little imagination and creativity, it can even be fun.

Jam on My Jammies: 

Sticky-yicky problems seem HUGE when you are a child. But what happens with your jammy chaos helps you pick your room and do all your chores?

Bubblegum in My Belly:

A young child accidentally swallows bubble gum (as they all do) and then worries about it getting stuck in their belly. The “end” result soon comes when the child flushes it down the toilet!

Honey on My Bunny:

Bunny gets honey on him while helping child bake (hops through the ingredients). The honey and bunny, stick to various things and in the end, it appears that the bunny is wearing a lovely yet eccentric pair of shoes on its big back feet.

And yes, Jen has a few more sticky ideas up her sleeve that can be developed as these first three books become successful.

The Sticky Book Series is for parents who are looking to inspire their young children with simple, yet amusing poetry. The Sticky Book Series is perfect for birthdays, baby showers, and special occasions – an easy go-to gift for new parents.

Jennifer Cooper is a writer, educator, triathlete, wife, and mom of three. She currently teaches distributed learning courses for an online high school. With over 15 years of professional experience in education and coaching, Jennifer enjoys teaching a variety of courses ranging from English, to Health and Outdoor Education. Jennifer’s work creating individualized learning plans for primary learners focuses her passion for creativity and imagination in writing and communication.

As an amateur athlete, Jennifer is passionate about health and fitness. She will be competing in the ITU World Championships of Triathlon in 2020. Jennifer has a variety of health and fitness articles published, but The Sticky Book Series will be her first set of children’s books.

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