Suki the Adventure Cat

By Leigh-Anne Ingram

  • fully illustrated 10” X 10” jacketed hardcover, followed by paperback edition
  • Manuscript delivery date: Available Now
  • ~36 pages 744 words
  • Target ages – PK to Grade 2 (4-7 year olds)
  • Illustrator – TBC
  • All rights currently available

Do you ever feel nervous trying new things or going to new places? How did you overcome these worries? Meet Suki a unique, adventurous, strikingly attractive, celebrity cat with over 1.2 million global followers on Instagram.


This vividly spectacular picture book introduces some of the basic concepts of mindfulness to children through the eyes of Suki, a brave Bengal cat who runs through the forest, climbs mountains, and joins her human parents, Kenneth Ingram-Hildebrandt and Martina Gutfreund, on their travels throughout the world.


The story was inspired by some of the stunning photographs taken of my cousin’s cat, Suki. Martina Gutfreund, Suki’s human mom, is a highly creative and talented artist and photographer and we’d love to work with an illustrator who would be inspired by Martina’s photos and adventures of Suki. 


Suki’s adventures mostly include short hikes, canoe rides, and lots of camping. One of Suki’s favorite hikes ever was in Johnston Canyon in Banff, Alberta. Nearly the whole trail consists of boardwalks suspended on cliffs with a rushing river in the canyon below… pretty much her paradise.


Since suki was adopted as a kitten, exploring came naturally to her; she was always inquisitive about nature and had a healthy fascination about the wilderness. This truly perfect blend of beauty and exploration of the wilderness provides the perfect situation to teach young children what they need to do to become prepared to overcome their uncertainties and more confidently enjoy some of the greatest experiences of their lives.


This new and exciting picture book was created to demonstrate how young children can confidently explore, and more fully appreciate, the beauty and wonders of our natural environment by sharing Suki’s quests to discover the world.

Young readers can benefit from Suki’s story by learning about simple meditation strategies to conquer their worries and see more of our amazing planet that we live on. Suki uses mindfulness techniques to overcome her anxieties as she joins her human parents on their amazing adventures. An encouraging page of simple meditation strategies will be included at the end of the book for parents to use with their child to help them overcome their anxieties and fears.


Suki has a huge social media reach which will be leveraged to let fans know about this new book.


Dr. Leigh-Anne Ingram has published many articles, essays and books for teachers, and this is her first children’s book. With a PhD in Education from the University of Toronto and a Master’s Degree from Harvard University, Leigh-Anne is a passionate about reading, teaching and learning, and, like Suki, she is a student of mindfulness and meditation.


Kenneth Ingram-Hildebrandt and Martina Gutfreund (Suki’s Human Parents)

On March 28th, 2017 Martina’s and Kenneth’s lives were forever changed. This was the day they took their sweet kitten Suki home. Little did they know that she would soon take them on more adventures than they had ever experienced before.


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