The Affinity Workbook: Living in Harmony with Others

By Susan Yeo, BSW RSW

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We are all in this together… The Affinity Workbook is a new personal and spiritual development book by Canadian author, Susan Yeo that reminds us we are all connected in this big, wide world.


At a time when hate and separation are world event headliners, affinity asks us to remember our common origin—not just by blood or DNA, but by love. Susan Yeo will take you on a journey, sharing real life stories, and inviting the reader to do the same through creative journaling exercises. Just like living in harmony is a work in progress, so is the learning process. We learn through doing or reflecting on doing, and so this workbook encourages experiential learning throughout.


The book is divided into 6 main sections: Defining Affinity, Strong Connections, Reconnecting, Virtuous Living, Living in Harmony, and Redefining Affinity. This book will help you to understand commonly used definitions on each area, and then will ask you questions to explore your own definitions, stories, and lessons learned or yet to be determined.


The Affinity Workbook explores:

  • Your strong connections and why they matter
  • The value of reconnecting to people, places and things you may have lost along the way
  • What living in harmony means to you
  • Your role in Spiritual Affinity
  • Rediscovering and redefining your purpose: your Web of Truth


You can start from front to back, taking the time to read each section and complete the corresponding exercises/questions…or choose a section that you hold the strongest affinity for and start there. Or if that does not feel right, close your eyes and turn or click until a page feels right to stop at. You decide. You do not have to be particularly versed at writing. You will not be graded on your work nor will spell check be used. Use point form if you prefer, or art or collage.


The words enclosed are to guide you on a journey meant just for you. I will share a piece of my story for comparison and connection. As you turn these pages, you and I will form an affinity (if we haven’t already) for one another, a connection that will have ripple effects that may have no ending.


Susan Yeo is a Registered Social Worker with a private counselling and wellness practice in Ontario. She is the author of countless workshops on the topics of mental health, wellness, and practical spirituality. She was a 2015 presenter at Lily Dale, NY.


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