The Allergy Mom Survival Guide:  A Survival Guide to Living With Your Child’s Life Threatening Allergies

By Melissa Scheichl, AKA, The Allergy Mom


  • Proposed format: jacketed hardcover 6” X 9”
  • Proposed manuscript delivery date: Spring 2019
  • ~40k+ words with illustrations/charts & approximately colour 100 photos to illustrate meals etc.
  • All rights currently available

Severe, life-threatening allergies are on the rise with the highest number of new diagnoses occurring in children. Parents of children with these allergies are overwhelmed, frightened and seeking support to handle their child’s serious medical condition when every day their child is exposed to allergens that could be life-threatening. Everyday life is affected.


This cookbook and survival guide is designed to be a comprehensive and compassionate resource to provide these parents with the answers they desperately seek on how to provide a child with life-threatening allergies – anaphylaxis – with the opportunity to live a safe, happy and healthy life. The author’s presentation of critical strategies for reasonable risk reduction combined with personal anecdotes and a touch of humor will help to make parents feel less alone as well as honoring the real needs of an allergy caregiver.


The Allergy Mom’s Cookbook and Survival Guide offers parents much-needed guidance on how to manage the basic daily need of feeding their allergic child and family safe, delicious and healthy food.  This book addresses everything parents need to know to make their home, kitchen and meals safe for their allergic child. With a chapter on ingredient substitutions and recipe modifications, Melissa teaches parents not only how to cook her tried and true delicious recipes safely for their child, but also to adapt their own recipes and family favourites to be safe for an allergic child.  The book also looks outside the home with practical advice on grocery shopping (how to read ingredient labels and choose safe alternatives for common allergens), and feeding your allergic child when they are away from home (i.e., school, traveling, visiting others).


Recent statistics show that 2.5 million Canadians (that is 1 in 13!) are affected by Severe, Life-Threatening Allergies (Anaphylaxis). In the United States, FARE (Food Allergy Resource Education) quotes that 15 million (1 in 13 children) are affected. This is a global health issue and a relatively new one!  Parents are looking for easy, safe and delicious recipes as well as resources that teach them how to adapt their own recipes and substitute for allergens when cooking to best to keep their child healthy and safe.


When you think back to your childhood, how many people did you know that had a life-threatening allergy? Nowadays it is highly likely you know perhaps many young people with an allergy to one of the 8 priority allergens (peanut, tree nut, milk, eggs, soy, shellfish and/or seafood, sulphites, wheat, sesame or mustard – yes mustard!). We also see a lot of other allergy-related illnesses including eczema, environmental allergies, asthma, Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), and Food Intolerances such as Celiac Disease. 


These food allergies are increasing in prevalence at an alarming rate, and most new diagnoses are amongst children. It is not uncommon to host a dinner party or have visitors where multiple guests have dietary restrictions. This cookbook and survival guide will teach how to accommodate a variety of allergies to ensure a safe and delicious meal for all.


Due to the relative newness of these conditions and the rapid influx of new diagnoses, individuals are finding it difficult to find answers to the many questions they have once they’ve left the doctor’s office. This book will provide them with the answers they need to questions such as how and what do I feed my child now that we know of this allergy?  How do I cook for the rest of my family? Where can If find the ingredients I need and how do I prepare this food safely?  Indeed, answers that the author wishes she would have had available to her at the overwhelming and difficult time of her child’s diagnosis. 


Melissa Scheichl, AKA, The Allergy Mom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Education Degree, and a Master’s Degree in Education and is currently studying towards completion of her Master’s degree in Social Work. She has completed two years of study in Psychotherapy from the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counselling Program. Her professional experience includes mental health counselor, public school teacher and health liaison: a counselor, educator and advocate for severe allergy and anaphylaxis. She previously served as the Community Advocate for Alliance Health Network’s Severe Allergy Connect online community.


Melissa is the founder of and has established herself as a subject matter expert on the topic of Allergic Diseases. Melissa is often called upon to share her knowledge and expertise on Food Allergies in the media, including a recent interview on the John Oakley Show (640 AM) radio to discuss the recent findings suggesting peanuts be introduced to infants at risk for allergies prior to four months of age.


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