The CHEAP Handyman

True (and Disastrous) Tales from a [Home Improvement Expert] Guy Who Should Know Better

By Brian Harris

  • Trade paperback original 
  • Humour
  • ~47k words
  • Available April 2021 
  • ISBN 978-1982150983

Have you ever felt the urge to take on a do-it-yourself project when really deep down inside you have doubts and even fears about what you might be getting yourself into? But wait, there’s all that money – cold hard cash – that you will save by doing it yourself!

The Cheap Handyman is a compilation of humorous stories based on everyday events of an average person trying to keep costs down while doing repairs around the house. Each episode is based on a true story that the author, Brian Harris, has experienced, or rather, endured.

Each one of these seemingly doable do-it-yourself projects Brian has undertaken starts out as a simple chore but invariably ends up being a costly disaster. Many readers will immediately relate to these stories as they may reflect what some of us wannabe handymen or handywomen have experienced.

And, to add insult to injury, many of Brian’s friends and family have enjoyed great belly laughs in witnessing some of his failed escapades that he has unwittingly provided for them. Ultimately however, they have fondly recounted Brian’s episodes to others and have encouraged him to share these stories with others.

These unfortunate yet very amusing mishaps found in The Cheap Handyman would make for a fun and entertaining book designed to be simple reading and a pleasant distraction from this crazy world in which we live. It could be picked up and enjoyed anywhere at any time, much like Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Series.

As such, The Cheap Handyman would make an ideal house warming gift or a present for anyone who has tried to tackle jobs on their own that they know they have no business attempting. In addition to the traditional book market, The Cheap Handyman would fit nicely into the gift shop market, hardware stores, as well as mass merchandise outlets.

About Brian Harris:

I am from an average, hardworking family and the first to get a degree. I have been very involved in sports my entire life. I think I have played just about every sport invented, but at the end of the day my true passion is hockey. The camaraderie we good friends have, both on and off the ice, I will cherish forever.  

Since I was a young boy I have always been interested in fixing things. I just had to know how and why things ticked and then tear them apart to try and repair them myself. It was just in the blood. I even had my own toolbox that contained a hammer, a screwdriver, a pair of pliers and duct tape. Fortunately, some of these experiences, or rather, mishaps, have cost me very little, while some have cost me a great deal. Most of these experiences however, have come at a greater cost than money itself, my pride.

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