The Magician on Ice

By Mitchell Marner & Ghost Writer, Jude MacDonald



  • Proposed format: jacketed hardcover 6” X 9” followed by a trade paperback Proposed manuscript delivery date: Spring 2020
  • ~80k words with photos from personal collection
  • All rights currently available

Born and raised in the GTA, Mitchell Marner fullfilled his childhood dream to play for The Toronto Maple Leafs. In this autobiographical fanbook Marner recalls his many memories, the highs and the lows and what it took to make his dream come true.

Marner has been called many things along his way to the NHL, but really nothing more true than”The Magician on Ice”. From his earliest days, at just 4 years old, he showed that he had that something special, often while playing with kids that were older and bigger.

As previously written by Jude MacDonald:

“One of Mitch’s first major breaks was when a scout took a relative chance with the 19th pick in the OHL draft to select the tiny Bantam. Saying that he took a chance is a comment reserved for those who don’t know Marner the best. How could this scout use a 1st round pick on a 120 pound kid who may never be able to handle the OHL? Sound anything like the script of present day?”


“Since he was a child, Marner has heard he’s not big enough and he has always shrugged it off. There has always been doubt, even ridicule over his frame as he watched while his peers grew while he did not. Though he’s not as small as people let on, he has seen delayed growth and could again. He’s still had to overcome questions about his size time and time again. Not from everyone, mind you. Those who’ve seen his level of talent, they know what he can do. He continues to prove them right every time. With Marner, the more you see, the more you learn, the more you see his athletic brilliance. The more you believe. For the people who are closest to Marner, they believed right from the start.”


“Mitch is an engaging guy, one that you just want to be around. He’s a player you gravitate towards, a great guy that his teammates and everybody loves spending time and hanging out with. On the ice is a different story, almost two personalities. Once the game begins Mitch is extremely driven. He wants to win and wants to do well. He is tremendously focused that way. He has that fire inside him and Mitch is as competitive as they come.”


“Let’s face it, there’s something far more powerful involved here. I can’t shake the feeling this was all meant to be. I’m going to go ahead and say it. It’s his destiny. Mitch Marner, he could very well be the savior we’ve all been waiting for. There are times in this life you need to put your faith in something.  Sometimes you just have to believe.”


Hockey Parents – A profile of Mitch Marner by Wendy Mesley


Jude MacDonald was born into an East Coast hockey family with a heart of Maple Leaf blue, Jude’s deep rooted connection to the Leafs only grew from there and eventually took him into the world of internet blogging, holding the role of Head Writer for the website beginning in 2014.


MacDonald wrote stories and interviewed past and present Leafs to then go on to becoming Co-Host of the “Blue & White Tonight” podcast for two seasons with premier guests from across hockey media like Joe Bowen, Craig Button, Bob McKenzie and Paul Marner. He continues to occasionally blog for but his thirst for the game and those involved has led him to fulfillment in the world of books.


He’s written over 50 pieces on Mitch and others. There’s a piece called Welcome to the Jungle which the Maple Leafs organization shared on their media platforms which is the only time they’ve ever done that with another writer or bloggers work outside the team.


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