The Millennial Mom: Finding the Upside of Down

By Anneliese Lawton

  • Proposed format: jacketed hardcover 6” X 9” followed by a trade paperback
  • Proposed manuscript delivery date: Spring 2019
  • ~60k words with photos from personal collection
  • All rights currently available

This book follows Anneliese Lawton’s story, a millennial mom of two-under-two, as she navigates the new pressures in parenting, along with discovering a surprise pregnancy, while in the ruts of postpartum depression and a tumor diagnosis. A place she never thought she’d be – in a limbo of uncertainty and unhappiness. As she looked down the barrel of postpartum depression, returning back to work, making ends meet, and potential facial paralysis (the tumor was thought to be around her facial nerves) she faced a decision: did she give up or did adapt to the events in her life and do something positive with it? 


Studies have shown that our generation, the millennial generation, is the most stressed out generation to date. We’re also the most depressed group of mothers. Why is this? Why is there a mental health crisis among our generation?


For every millennial mom who felt mislead about motherhood – or is seeking refuge in the back of her unlit closet – or doesn’t know how she’s going to get out of bed tomorrow – here is this book that compassionately comes alongside readers and empowers them to face motherhood and hardship and embrace their new identity.


Anneliese began to write, speak openly, and share her story. On The Today Show, Her View From Home, Love What Matters, Babble, MSN, Popsugar, Pregnant Chicken, Scary Mommy, and my very own blog, Grown Up Glamour.  The response was life-changing. Her post went completely viral, reaching over 5.7 million people with more than 53,000 likes and 40,000 shares to date (not including the shares by the media).


Mothers all over the world began to share their stories with Anneliese. From depression and illness to surviving day-to-day motherhood. To date, millions of people have seen her post. It’s been seen worldwide and continues to spread, and was even translated into Spanish.


Finding the Upside of Down is a parenting book which provides a completely real, totally raw, and utterly honest take on the trials and tribulations that millennial mothers experience when motherhood and adulthood clash. Millennial mothers are the first generation of mothers to parent in a digital world and experience technological burnout, resulting in an entirely new set of struggles than the generation before them.


With no hand-book or little guidance, millennial mothers are struggling with self-confidence, self-worth, the pressures of work – life – family balance and of course pear pressure and social media. Millennial moms sometimes feel the need to be everything to everybody and because of all of these factors, the pressure and expectations have never been higher to seek out and find their own identities.


This book is written in a popular, conversational style. It’s raw, real, and humorous. Making the reader feel as though they are sitting across from a friend, who’s offering them a shoulder to cry on. The chapters include real life stories along with practical guidance for seeking help in the trenches of motherhood. Most of the other already established postpartum books are now becoming somewhat dated. In writing The Millennial Mom: Finding the Upside of Down Anneliese is dedicating herself to become the voice of millennial mothers everywhere – right here – right now!



About Anneliese Lawton

Anneliese is a wife, mother of two boys, and an advocate for mothers. She’s well connected in the “blogosphere”. She only began sharing her work publicly three years ago. It was around the time she became pregnant with her first son and faced her first real hardship as a mother – her son having a soft marker for Downs Syndrome. She began to share her experience with genetic testing, including amniocentesis, as she and her husband navigated months of testing (everything turned out to be okay). Later in her second pregnancy, Anneliese went into threatened preterm labour at 30 weeks (2 cm dilated and 70% effaced), was rushed by ambulance to a high-risk hospital, and spent two weeks in hospital on bedrest away from her 15-month-old son. Writing was her only way to cope.


It was then that she started her Facebook page and began to share snippets of her life on a daily basis. Today, she has thousands of followers and has had multiple pieces of her work go viral. She has written for and had content shared by Her View from Home, Pregnant Chicken, TODAY Show, Scary Mommy, Love What Matters, Yahoo, MSN, Popsugar, Fatherly, Babble, The Bump, and publications in Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.


Her experience as a writer landed her a job as editor of Look Local Magazine, where she develops monthly editorial strategies, manages a team of freelancers, and sends the magazine to print after her final edit and stamp of approval.


She has been approached for speaking engagements by the owner of Mabel’s labels, local news, and podcasts.


Outside of all of this, Anneliese is just your regular, down-to-earth wife and millennial mom. She’s not afraid to share her truth and hopes that in sharing her truth she’ll help other women become empowered to explore and express theirs.

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