The Tidy Moose

By Ivanka Siolkowsky M. Ed.

  • Fully illustrated 10” X 10” jacketed hardcover, followed by paperback edition
  • Manuscript delivery date: Available Now
  • ~26 pages
  • Target ages – PK to Grade 2 (2-7 year-olds)
  • Illustrated by Ivanka Siolkowsky
  • All rights currently available

Do you spend the majority of your time as a parent picking up after your children? What if this didn’t have to be the case? What if that no matter your child’s age, they can begin practising effective tidying habits very early on?

Everything a child does is a learned skill. Once these skills are developed, they take them through life and perfect them with time. The problem is, they can’t be expected to implement something they’ve never been taught.

So how do we teach them? Good news, The Tidy Moose is here to help! This is a book about a moose named Merle, who takes us through the countless benefits that come with being tidy.

The intention behind this book is to both introduce, and encourage tidy habits from early beginnings. All whilst smiling and having fun along the way!

The Tidy Moose meets a real need thoughtfully and playfully. This picture book will help develop and instil organisational skills in young children and is long overdue. “If Merle can do this, then any child can!”

This Book is dedicated to all of my former students. Especially my first ever Class – you know who you are! Not only is that where “The Moose Method” was born, but having the pleasure of teaching you, forever changed my life for the better! Keep believing in your dreams!      “Moose!”

Ivanka is a Certified Platinum KonMari Consultant (Third Highest Ranked KonMari Consultant in the world) and a former elementary school teacher with a Masters of Education, all of which provides a solid base of qualifications and qualities to be able to truly understand what it takes to teach children important life skills.

Ivanka’s life was transformed when she began learning the many benefits of minimalism and organization. As a professional organizer, she wrote The Tidy Moose featuring a friendly moose named Merle, as a way to teach children the many benefits of being tidy.

Although she was always considered a tidy individual, after decluttering and applying the practice of minimalism to her surroundings, it was as if the pieces of Ivanka’s life puzzle fell into place. Not only is her living space in order, but she also has a new found inner peace and is able to recognize the things in her life that truly matter.

It is because of these life-altering improvements that Ivanka decided to become a full-time Professional Organiser so she could help adults and children find that same inner peace in their daily lives!

Ivanka also put her education, experience, and some psychology knowledge to work in creating her own children’s organisation program, The Moose Method – for homes and classrooms. This book is part of the program aimed to help children declutter their minds in order to prepare them for proper learning growth and development.

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