YOU X2: Peer Mentoring in the New Virtual Workplace

By CEO & Founder of Elaina Zuker & Associates

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Today’s workplace is rapidly changing. So much so, employers, employees and the self-employed all need to seriously consider their options when it comes to global forces that disrupt and permanently alter the course of conducting business.

Virtually every business sector across the world is being turned on its head by forces such as the Gig Economy, work for hire temps, work from home employment, social distancing, epidemics and now even pandemics. The biggest challenges that businesses face today will be, maintaining productivity levels, preserving communication structures, and stabilizing moral, especially when employees are forced to work from home due to unforeseen global issues.

The answer to this is a progressive new method for achieving success in a focused, targeted and accelerated way called Peer Mentoring which provides support via a “Success Partner” system, which anyone can create. Practical “how-to” sections are included with a detailed section on goals, that identify what skills and resources are required before forming a Peer Mentor Agreement to help you and others you work with achieve real results.

YOU X 2; Peer Mentoring in the New Virtual Workplace, is packed with simple and practical ideas that are essential if you want to up your game in today’s rapidly evolving workplace of distractions and competition, be it in a remote work setting or an office environment. This Peer Mentoring system distills the practices of barter, sharing, and mentoring to achieve success in any category of life, be it career or personal.

As an Influence expert, consultant, bestselling author, speaker and corporate trainer in communication, influence and mentoring, Elaina now shares her model for successful Peer Mentoring. Elaina wrote YOU X2; Peer Mentoring in the

New Virtual Workplace, originally for her clients and attendees at her speaking events who kept asking for more. As peer mentoring has become increasingly popular, Elaina has now expanded and developed it more fully for all to take advantage of, especially with the enormous growth of work-from-home employees, freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Remote working is here to stay! With the rapid number of companies offering remote work options to many of their employees, remote working will continue to surge as businesses strive to be more competitive, save time money and even alleviate safety concerns. Employers can save on average over USD$10,000 per remote worker per year. Remote workers also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of taking over 600,000 cars off US roads each a year. Work-from-home telecommuters gain back more than full 10 days per year, time they would have otherwise spent commuting.

Owner-operators of a small business, as well as work-from-home remote workers, often seek the support of a mentor or a coach as a sounding board for ideas that will help them expand their business, perfect their portfolios and keep their projects on track. Rather than just looking for a “one-way” mentor who typically happens to be older, and perhaps is more experienced in some respects, today’s remote workers and entrepreneurs are now looking for peers who can also understand and specifically appreciate the stage in business that they are currently in. This would be someone whom they can also reciprocally help and motivate with decisions and initiatives that they may be making in their business, offering skills and guidance that the other partner may not have, or may need a bit of support with.

Elaina wrote this text, originally titled A Swift Kick in the Can’ts, as a handbook for her clients and attendees at her speaking events who kept asking for more. As peer mentoring is becoming increasingly popular, Elaina now wants to expand and develop it more fully for the general market, especially with the growing numbers of freelancers, consultants and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Elaina Zuker has been a keynote speaker and has addressed meetings and conferences in industry, government and professional associations. Her bestselling book, The Seven Secrets of Influence® (McGraw-Hill), now has over 150,000 in print, was the Main Selection for the Business Week Book Club and has been translated into four languages.

Elaina holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Management/Organizational  Development and was the recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award from New York Polytechnic University. She has served on the faculties of Montclair State College (Division of Business), Mercy College, Pace University, and Marymount College

Also available – a new edition – Summer 2020: The 7 Secrets of Influence by CEO & Founder of Elaina Zuker & Associates – Influencing others is one of the most critical business and personal skills required for success today. 

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